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  1. Hi, I’m very interested in your work. I’m a Drama teacher, UK trained, Bretton Hall, before it was closed down. I’m currently teaching Drama in the Bristish College of Brazil in Sao Paulo. I’m delivering a Unit on mask and realising just how much I don’t know and feel frustrated. I’ve done some mask training but I need to taste it for myself again. I come from a background of applied drama and have worked with many different community groups. I’m really interested in how you marry the two areas. I’d like to know more. Do you run training short-term intensive courses? My email is My friend and I, another artist from the UK, specialises in textiles and 3-D sculptural processional images for parades etc., are thinking of travelling in S. America in January and are looking for CPD arts courses we could engage with. Please get in touch. Best wishes, Liz Dever

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