Fair Groceries

"Cooperate" = to associate with another for mutual benefit

There are many ways to cooperate with Colectivo Sustento. In our community garden, in our theatre/arts work, and in the area of sustainability. There are also opportunities to volunteer through Workaway, WWOOF, or Idealist.org and/or you can donate directly.

“Fair Groceries”  food distribution network (in Santiago)

We launched into fair grocery distribution at the end of 2012. Over time, our basket of provisions diversifies and improves. By joining this network (only available in Santiago), you can buy healthy food, direct from our garden or the countryside (bypassing supermarket chains and distribution monopolies) and you will be supporting the community and educational work of Colectivo Sustento.

More details in facebook: Available only in Santiago. Orders: sustento@colectivosustento.org

The story of Fair Groceries: In December 2012, we kicked off with the sale of eggs and lettuce from our garden. In 2013, we offered baskets of healthy products (eg. quinoa, sesame & Chia seeds, nuts and dried fruits), vegetables from our garden, free range eggs and a seedling so you can start your own food garden. In Winter 2013, we offered hampers put together by the buyer, according to a points system. From 2014 our hampers respond to buyers’ needs and seasonal variables. From March 2015, we provide Monthly Orders to an ever-growing group of supporters interested in eating organic products either from our garden or direct from small producers. The income from the Fair Groceries sales pays for Sustento Garden water use and materials, and small fees for those who maintain the garden.


  1. Hola, junto con felicitarlos, queria consultar sobre el sistema de compra de sus productos, no entendi bien la tabla. Además queria comprar semillas orgánicas, me imagino que uds, tienen. Abrazos

    1. Hola Felipe, la tabla opera según temporada. Lo que tenemos como producto permanente son huevos libros y quínoa, los dos vienen directamente del campo. En cuanto a las semillas orgánicas, sí tenemos, te contactaremos por interno para coordinar.

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