Sustento garden

Taking control of what we eat

Huerto Sustento, our community garden is in the San Miguel area of Santiago. The garden is a big part of our sustainability, covers some basic food needs of collective members and offers ongoing training. This is the space where we welcome friends and supporters. We encourage you to start your own garden and take control of what you eat! We promote a return to home growing through our “Verdivereda” footpath garden and our bimonthly community market days (photo above).

You can support us by becoming a part of the Fair Groceries network, that sells products from the garden and other healthy food mostly bought directly from the growers. Or come and volunteer if you want, cooperation is the key to development and a great way to share the collective. Contact us directly.

You can follow the development of our community garden on the Colectivo Sustento facebook page. The community garden follows the 3 ethical principles of permaculture: earth care, people care and fair share. You can read more about permaculture here. We gratefully acknowledge the invaluable support of Claudia Cossio, Don Rolando and the Huellas Verdes Farm (Community Supported Agriculture) who provided collective member Gabriel Jiménez with ongoing training for two years.


  1. Estimados,

    Trabajo en un COSAM y me gustaría saber mas del tema, para ver si generamos nosotros también uno, pero necesitaríamos ayuda y asesoramiento, nos podrían ayudar???


  2. Hola, soy de La Serena y hace mucho tiempo escuche q en Canada se llevaba a cabo el tema de Jardines Comunitarios, q me parecio increible y positiva labor. Quisiera saber como empezaron ustedes, de donde sacaron los recursos y cualquier tipo de informacion q puedan compartir conmigo.

    1. Gracias por tu comentario. Te escribiré para que tomemos contacto. Saludos Penelope y el Colectivo

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