Weaving harmony and resistance

There were many years of ideas, thrown back and forth, many proposals and many failures … and yet one thing became clear: we knew that for our work to be strong, it had to be continuous …

So, how to support our commitment to an ongoing community project? How to look after our human collective, while also working collaboratively for social justice? How to survive economically outside the capitalist framework? How to develop autonomously, on our own terms? How to survive the arbitrary nature of grant-based funding in Chile?

Colectivo Sustento is tackling these challenges, so our work can grow strong: on the artistic, political and human levels. Our collective is creatively building its own sustainability, promoting a human alternative to capitalism through self-managed sustainability, and we invite you to take part, in any or all of these ways: by visiting/supporting our community garden; by joining our Fair Groceries food distribution network; by volunteering in a Colectivo Sustento project; or simply by donating economic or other resources.

Sustento garden | Fair Groceries | Volunteer | Donate

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