“Modecate” tour: creating social awareness

From June to August 2014, Colectivo Sustento with Fénix & Ilusiones went on tour, and ran 7 theatre and reflection days in 3 juvenile prisons in Santiago. Each day we performed “Modecate“, ran theatre games and ended with an open forum-debate with the young people. Emotive, provocative, deeply reflective and FUN, these 7 days filled us with hope for the future of our work with young people.

“Juvenile prisons should not exist” was the feeling that was reinforced by our experience of seeing young people locked up, their energy curtailed, hearing their stories and understanding their experiences. Most of the men in Fénix & Ilusiones have been in the same situation, so their words rang true with the young people. And their message was clear: “You decide what you want to do with your life, but if you continue down this road, this is what will happen”. The cold facts of prison life in Chile are real and disturbing. We are disturbed by the “school to prison pipeline”… through theatre, and the voice of experience, we can do something to stop it.More / Más…

Modecate on tour

Workshop with young people after Modecate, Sept 2013

Modecate has been touring Santiago since its premiere in January 2013. It is the production that spearheads our work with young people. The play is both vehicle and pretext for reflection; born from a long process of discussion and improvisation with Fénix & Ilusiones about the nature of human relations in a dehumanised and controlled society.

During 2013, we performed twice directly for young people in juvenile justice settings, firstly in Recoleta for a group from a program in Maipú, and later in the National Minor’s Service juvenile facility in Til Til. Two opportunities to interact with these young people

On 5th September we performed in the Recoleta Cultural Centre to young people and workers of “Jóven en Red Maipú”, a Special Intervention Program of the Carlos Casanueva Corporation on the city’s periphery. After the performance of “Modecate”, we all took part in a theatre games workshop run by Fénix & Ilusiones, followed by an informal discussion. The interaction was emotive and powerful. More / Más…


Photo: Natalia Valarini

“What happens after the lights are turned off, and the applause dies down, depends on you. So that when someone speaks… someone also listens… truly listens…”

“Modecate” is a group-devised show, developed from improvisations and a long process of group reflection. The play presents a particular view of human relationships and social control, from the standpoint of people who have been separated from society, institutionalised in a psychiatric hospital; people who despite their perverse living conditions, support and care for each other. Using the metaphor of madness, “Modecate” asks: who is crazy? who is sane? and, why don’t we listen to each other, truly listen?”

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10 years theatre work in Colina 1

anuncio 10 aniversario de teatro en Colina 1

In November 2012, we celebrated 10 years of theatre in the Colina 1 prison. Letters and videos came from the many people from Chile and around the world who have collaborated with this experience.

We acknowledge the ground-breaking work of Teatro Pasmi who initiated the experience, also the strength and commitment of those who have participated over the years, as well as those who continue to participate in and coordinate the work.

Some of the greetings we received follow…
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