“Sowing the Future” documentary

Sowing the Future in our YouTube Channel.

We are proud to announce the release of another documentary about our work, made in 2015. It tells the story of two gardening workshops run in juvenile detention centres in Santiago: the Chilean Juvenile Service centres in San Bernardo and Calera de Tango. The documentary is a Colectivo Sustento production: directed and edited by Bárbara Fuenzalida, and filmed by Bárbara, Carolina Vera and Richard Maldonado.

These workshops were a direct result of the 2014 “Modecate” Tour. The boys in the San Bernardo centre asked us to return with a theatre workshop, but this proved difficult, so we decided to return with four months of gardening workshops. Later, we added the Calera de Tango centre to this project, where the objective was to help establish their community garden. The workshops were directed by Gabriel Jiménez, ex Fénix e Ilusiones, working with Colectivo Sustento, and our long-time volunteer and school gardens teacher Mo Stenger. As always, working as a double, we combined technical experience with the “voice of experience”. The gardening was a pretext to start a conversation with the young men and boys in the two centres, and to provoke reflection about their life choices, as well as introduce them to the beauty and practicalities of growing your own food.

This documentary was made possible by a crowdfunding campaign on the Pozible platform, with donations received from 40 friends, colleagues and family in Australia, England, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. Thanks to you all!

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