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An important focus of our work is training. Several years ago we began to develop short training courses, seminars and on-the-job “mentoring” programs. Our community theatre work is collective-based, creating the conditions for dialogue, horizontal and caring relationships, as well as social activism. While technical theatre knowledge and experience is important, we also believe that theatre in communities, theatre that has a social change objective, must also employ methodologies that go beyond theatre.

Our way of working combines theatre and critical pedagogy, based on 4 main principles: collective creation, participation, playfulness and reflection. Colectivo Sustento proposes that community theatre should be a liberatory process for all involved. We recognise that theatre is a powerful tool for community work and our training aims to pass on what we have learnt, not only to theatre workers, but also to teachers, social science professionals and community activists.

Current training opportunities:

Theatre Methodologies for Critical Social Construction: 2018-2019. Three two-day seminars for teachers, social science professionals and community activists.

Our training actions are varied and contextual:

  • “On the job” mentoring programs: As part of the Fénix e Ilusiones theatre experience in the Colina 1 prison, and also in our youth work, we train theatre workers in community theatre pedagogy for prison contexts. This training is conducted through an action-reflection process, that can be short or long term, for months or years. For local theatre workers
  • Professional placements: We design short-term professional placements for community theatre students. For international theatre workers
  • Seminars and workshops: We present seminars about: community theatre methodology for critical social construction; Fénix e Ilusiones and prison theatre; the ethical and philosophical basis of our work; and “The pedagogy of ‘radical hope’ (Freire): the role of arts and theatre in the community”, a seminar directed at community activists. We run workshops about: community dramaturgy and collective creation.
  • Student researchers: Colectivo Sustento’s work has been studied in undergraduate theses from several disciplines: theatre, psychology, social work, etc.
  • Ten-day training for theatre workers within the International Community Theatre Festival ENTEPOLA: Since 2010 we have coordinated intensive practical/theoretical experiences for local and international community theatre workers, that provide an insight into the myriad aspects of the festival (programming, touring, workshops, conferences) within a reflexive and participative structure.

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