Sustento theatre-arts

The collective’s creative work is an area that is in constant development. To find the balance between our sustainability work and our creative production is not easy. Yet, it is our creativity that provides the cement between us, it is the glue that binds the collective (whether it be through the arts or in the garden). This work may not be on the front burner, but it is certainly on the back one.

In 2013 and 2014, we held weekly theatre workshops, with theatre games and improvisations, amongst collective members and many visitors.

Miércoles es teatro / Wednesday is theatre

We were also working on two projects that have yet to be finished:

  • the publication of collective member Gabriel Jiménez Espinoza’s first novel: El día de la torta (loosely translated as Cake day). This novel recounts the experiences of a small child who is abandoned in a police-run orphanage in the early years of the Chilean dictatorship. It exposes the violent and inhuman treatment that the children received, at the hands of older children and the adults in charge. It also tells the story of deep friendships forged in adversity. With a recent UNICEF report exposing abuse and mismanagement in Chile’s “child protection” system, this novel is very timely. Below is an extract (in Spanish).
  • a new theatre production that takes as starting point the Juan Radrigan play “Without apparent motive”.

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