“Theatre methodologies for critical social construction”

For a long time now, teaching and social science professionals have expressed to us their interest in learning new methodologies that could be applied to their work in community contexts. Theatre that has its roots in popular and community theatre, and popular education principles, is a powerful tool for this work. In Chile, the fabric of community life is very damaged. When people come together, when people relate through games and affective contact, they create the links needed to dream and activate a more caring society. No-one can resist the power of laughter; and we all like the feeling of really being listened to.

This theoretical/practical seminar -“Theatre methodologies for critical social construction”- directed by Colectivo Sustento, offers a two-day introduction to the central concepts of our methodology: theatre games, collectivity and critical social reflection. It is the first of a series of three seminars that aim to pass on some of what we have learned during many years of theatre work in community contexts. Two days of playfulness, exchange and debate that we believe will be very useful for people working in diverse Chilean communities.

The seminar will be the first training activity held in Colectivo Sustento’s workshop space in San Miguel. $30,000 pp, 20 people maximum. Registration form:


“Beyond theatre”: Theatre’s social role

Colectivo Sustento, in collaboration with the Spanish Cultural Centre and Teatro Perro Muerto, coordinate the first event of “Beyond theatre: The social of theatre”, as part of the commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. There has been much said about Chilean theatre workers’ distancing from a social role since the end of the dictatorship. Nevertheless, many groups have continued to work in communities around the country, supporting their work through economic juggling and self-generated finance.

The debate brings together 3 experiences in Santiago and an audience of community theatre workers and participants to debate about the social role of theatre, theatre beyond theatre. We talk about our work with “Fénix e Ilusiones” directed towards young offenders.

“Beyond theatre” is also a way of narrating our work in images and words, an idea in progress with the Teatro Perro Muerto photographers: Paul Osses / Sebastián Squella.

Speakers: CODEINFA-Silencio Colectivo; Acción y Arte; Colectivo Sustento-Fénix e Ilusiones.

Our thanks to: Sename Metropolitano, Corporación Social Asociación Cristiana de Jóvenes ACJ.