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In 2005, in the Colina 1 Work Sector, Ilusiones (Illusions) was founded by members of Fénix, and former members of Actualidad Now (1998-2004). Since then, and up until it was disbanded at the end of 2014, Ilusiones integrated Fénix members whenever they were transferred to the Work Sector. Ilusiones was directed by Teatro Pasmi from 2005-2011, and by Colectivo Sustento from 2012-2014. The group historically rehearsed on Saturdays, but when the visiting regime was changed to include Saturdays, and despite attempts to continue during the week, sandwiching rehearsals in at lunch times, the work became impossible, and the group decided to stop meeting. From 2015, we concentrated all our theatre work in the general prison population. The memory of this group lives on in the name Fénix & Ilusiones.

Ilusiones en ENTEPOLA 2008
“I die therefore I exist”, ENTEPOLA 2008
Ilusiones 2012-2014
  • During 2014, we worked on a group-devised play / The life and death of Juan Buenaventura, a satire about the archetypal character of “the fraud”, a humorous and despised character. This production was not finished.
  • Modecate, a group-devised joint production with Fénix / humanity in a controlled society, is anybody really listening? In repertoire, 2013
  • November 2012: Celebration of 10 years of theatre work in Colina 1 prison
  • The search (2012), group-devised dramaturgy, inspired by Chilean playwright Juan Radrigan’s The disappeared; a reflection on life’s losses and possibilities. Premiered at the 26th ENTEPOLA festival, Santiago, January 2012
"The search", ENTEPOLA 2012
“The search”, ENTEPOLA 2012
Ilusiones 2005-2011

With Teatro Pasmi’s direction (Iván Iparraguirre, Penelope Glass and many others), Ilusiones mounted three plays, and received many workshops and placements to develop their theatre abilities:

  • Between 2009 and 2011, Ilusiones worked with Jean-Marc Munaretti (Belgium), Matthew Elliott (England) and Xris Reardon (Australia), using scripts by Bertolt Brecht, Mario Benedetti and Gabriel Jiménez
  • Once was a king (2008) by Chilean actor/playwright Oscar Castro of the Aleph Theatre Company (Paris, France). This play was premiered in June 2008, as part of the FREE ART 08 prison arts festival in the Santiago City Library. It was performed in Colina 1 and in January 2009 at the 23rd ENTEPOLA in front of thousands of spectators in the Pudahuel Amphitheatre
  • The marriage proposal (2006) by Russian playwright Anton Chekhov, performed in Colina 1
  • I die, therefore I exist (2005) by Chilean playwright Jorge Díaz, a black comedy about desperation and survival in Chile’s savage neo-liberal system. The play was remounted in 2007, and performed at the 21st ENTEPOLA in Pudahuel, 2008
"Once was a king", ENTEPOLA 2009
“Once was a king”, ENTEPOLA 2009

Photos: Rodrigo Hernández, Matías Torres

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