“Hand up!” documentary

“Hand up!” documents the collaboration between Fénix & Ilusiones, Teatro Pasmi and Acteurs de l’Ombre (Belgium) during 2010-2011. The documentary is directed by Víctor Robles and the trailer was co-produced in 2012 with Colectivo Sustento ///

Script/narration: Gabriel Jiménez
Original music: Claudio Cancino and Felipe Sanhueza

Hand up! excerpt from Victor Robles Bravo on Vimeo.

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Space of freedom

de la Carreta al Teatro from Victor Robles Bravo on Vimeo.

This mini documentary was made in 2008 by Víctor Robles with Teatro Pasmi and, although years have passed, it is still a relevant tool to explain the context of the work of Fénix & Ilusiones in the Colina 1 prison in Santiago-Chile. The prisoners themselves speak of their experiences of theatre and writing. We work from the premise that every person plays roles in their life, so why not do theatre with prisoners? There are short glimpses of the performances and the documentary ends with the presentation of “I die therefore I am” (Jorge Díaz) at the International Community Theatre Festival-ENTEPOLA 2008, in front of an audience of 3,000 people.
Director: Víctor Robles
Música original: David Barrios

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