Prison theatre practice exchange

Colectivo Sustento in collaboration with the International Community Theatre Festival-ENTEPOLA, brought together more than 30 theatre workers, artists, teachers & social workers from the UTEM, Corrections and Juvenile Services who work in prisons and excluded communities.

The debate took place on Thursday 27 September in the UTEM University, and was part of the Australian national conference Creative Communities 3, coordinated by Griffith University’s Centre for Cultural Research, Brisbane. Penelope Glass from Colectivo Sustento was one of the panelists, together with other prison theatre workers and the coordinator of Prisoners Radio on 4ZZZ-FM.

Debate Sep12 03

Debate Sep12 03
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Community theatre, practised by professional artists in many countries, lacks recognition in Chile, despite its long national history and representation. Since 1987 the ENTEPOLA festival brings community theatre free to huge crowds every January. Since 1998, ENTEPOLA includes a conference program called POPULTEATRO; this is now being developed into an International Community Theatre Conference at ENTEPOLA 2014coordinated by our collective.

We gratefully acknowledge the support, infrastructure and publicity provided by the UTEM University, Santiago, Chile.

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