Photo: Natalia Valarini

“What happens after the lights are turned off, and the applause dies down, depends on you. So that when someone speaks… someone also listens… truly listens…”

“Modecate” is a group-devised show, developed from improvisations and a long process of group reflection. The play presents a particular view of human relationships and social control, from the standpoint of people who have been separated from society, institutionalised in a psychiatric hospital; people who despite their perverse living conditions, support and care for each other. Using the metaphor of madness, “Modecate” asks: who is crazy? who is sane? and, why don’t we listen to each other, truly listen?”

“Modecate” fuses devised work from the Fénix group and the Ilusiones group, who live in two different sectors of the Colina 1 prison. It was complicated to bring the two groups of actors together to rehearse, nevertheless the play has surpassed these barriers and become a cornerstone in Fénix & Ilusiones 2013 repertoire.

The play premiered in January 2013, and was presented as part of the 27th ENTEPOLA Festival. In April, it toured to the Santiago women’s prison, where we were able to meet and exchange wit the two theatre workshops that are run in that prison. In September “Modecate” was presented in the Recoleta Cultural Centre, launching our new line of work with “at risk” young people.

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