Modecate on tour

Workshop with young people after Modecate, Sept 2013

Modecate has been touring Santiago since its premiere in January 2013. It is the production that spearheads our work with young people. The play is both vehicle and pretext for reflection; born from a long process of discussion and improvisation with Fénix & Ilusiones about the nature of human relations in a dehumanised and controlled society.

During 2013, we performed twice directly for young people in juvenile justice settings, firstly in Recoleta for a group from a program in Maipú, and later in the National Minor’s Service juvenile facility in Til Til. Two opportunities to interact with these young people

On 5th September we performed in the Recoleta Cultural Centre to young people and workers of “Jóven en Red Maipú”, a Special Intervention Program of the Carlos Casanueva Corporation on the city’s periphery. After the performance of “Modecate”, we all took part in a theatre games workshop run by Fénix & Ilusiones, followed by an informal discussion. The interaction was emotive and powerful. As a result we have established an ongoing collaboration with “Jóven en Red”, using theatre as a pretext for building bridges with young people who are socially at risk.

In April we performed in the school of the Women’s Prison, and on 18th October we performed for the Colina 1 prison high school community, surprising teachers and students alike with the strength of the performance and the play’s message. In October and November “Modecate” performs inside the prison for Psychology and Occupational Therapy students from the Mayor University, confronting prejudices about prisoners and raising awareness about the role of the arts in society.

More performances are planned…watch this space.

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  1. Así es no más, la gira continuará a fines de este mes de JUNIO DE 2014, en un Tour por los centros cerrados de Sename, San Joaquín, San Bernardo, Santiago, y quizás, TILTIL… de mi área de JUSTICIA JUVENIL DE SENAME.
    Nota, el programa PIE, es un programa de intervención especializado también subvencionado por SENAME, aunque dentro del contexto proteccional…
    ya soy parte de esto…

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